Jewelry as a Form of Experience

Jewelry as a Form of Experience

Each jewellery or ornament has a story to tell you. Jewellery is not created out of the blue, it exists or is borne out of the events that have happened in the past and it will take shape or evolve as it travels spatially and temporally.


For a jewellery maker, the jewellery is a symbol of cultural, social, as well as political expression and as the discourse of the same has been taken up by people from every stratum of society now, jewellery has transformed the ways people experience life.


If you are going on a date, it is important that you get to experience what it is like to have all the attention for yourself. A piece or a set of jewellery can ensure so much even though it can be a dainty necklace with a small pendant.


Coordinating your dress with a minimalistic matching set with dainty details imparts sophistication and grace to your overall look. Even though this can be easily achieved by wearing a set that is adorned with only one kind of metal, it can sometimes come off as too professional for some. If you feel that wearing a jewellery set can make you look formal, and hence, unreachable in every sense of the word, mix it up carefully with different metals.


Going to a concert usually means it takes the entire day or evening depending on the time of the concert. Whenever the concert is scheduled, you will be out for at least four or five hours. Based on this, this is really a no-brainer that you need to be comfortable and wear comfortable clothes.


Whatever people understand by comfortable clothes that can be different from one person to the next, just put on a pair of chunky earrings or a necklace that totally alleviate your everyday clothes to something that makes you pull off a cool Indie look.


You can always rock a contemporary look for outdoor activities. If you ask us why, the reason is that contemporary jewellery is very light and easy to carry. The style suits everyone who comes in all shapes and sizes. The design of contemporary jewellery is curated and can have multiple inspirations. There are brands that are inspired by insects like moths and beetles that can go very well for outdoor activities like picnics.


There are many upcoming brands that believe in asymmetry. Their design features one-of-a-kind wearables and they mostly work with sun-standard metals like brass that give the ornament a very raw yet chic look. What these brands try to do is to make jewellery a personalised journey to an art-making process. It is an exploration of their own phenomenological experiences and underpinnings of life that is reflected in their jewellery.


To conclude, wearing jewellery should be an act of taking pride since they best represent you not just in terms of your beliefs, but how jewellery becomes the culmination of all the experiences you have had till now in your life!