Gojo Painting Wall Scroll
Gojo Painting Wall Scroll

Gojo Painting Wall Scroll

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  • Exclusively made for our loving customers. The scroll is made of cloth and is washable.
  •  Premium design and high quality prints are used on the cloth which makes it more attractive and long lasting.
  • Quantity : 01
  • The size of the cloak is 70*30 cm
  • The Scroll can be use for Decorating you beautiful walls.  


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Customer Reviews

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Shivrit Shukla
I love this scroll❤️

Actually when i ordered the scroll then i thought that it's printed on plastic and had many doubts in my mind regarding quality and all. But when i received it, it was way above my expectations and i love it. It was printed on cloth and quality was great and a truly new product so i was very happy. And i recommended it any anime fan, just order it. They are not going to disappoint u. And these are own thoughts. It's not a paid review. I love jjk and recently completely jjk s2.

Jayant Venigalla
Good quality

Overall everything was good from the quality of the cloth to the degisn .
Only thing that can be improved are the stick and caps around which the scroll is bound.

Baha poraini Marndi Marndi

Its amazing like perfect loved it so much surely gonna buy more💜

Abishek C.


Nirnay Mazumder
It's hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The way he looks at me all the time..🙈🙈🙈